Service for orphans. Charity.
 that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked,
"Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?"
He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said:
"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven."
nd whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me"> Matthew 18:1-5

Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends!

We decided to start new section in our site - Service for orphans. Charity.

To be honest, it's not something new in our activity. We did this work from the beginning.

Yes, the main purpose of our work was addiction problem and all points, which connected with that. It's our priority is now too.

But every day we communicate with huge numbers of people, who needs help and ask about that. It's most poor and needing part of our society: homeless children, children from orphanages, addict's families, sick and invalids.

So we try to help them as with words so with material too: food, clothes, remedy, other stuff. We work very closely with two city orphanages and two special orphanages, wich situated far from Rivne (in village place). By the way, just village orphanages are most poor and needing in Ukraine. Also it's special orphanages for sick children with mental problems.

The stories of these children are difficult and individual in every case. But one common feature united all of them: the lack of love and family warm.

So "The Right Way" feels a real duty and calls to try to help for these children as we can. And to try to facilitate their hard life. Also we try to teach them and show for them a real Right Way in their lives, which can give only God for them.

As we noticed before, we try to help for addict's families too: with God's Word and material help as well. In Rivne we work very closely with many children families where one or two parents are addicted. In our city we have a lot of such families. There are suffered both: adult and children. Very often such families have no most needed things (even bread, for example!). They live in terrible, insanitary conditions. So we try to help these families as we can. But mainly, we try to give them a real hope and the ray of light in their lives.

It's very difficult task! Most of them lost any hope for better life. Our society called such people: "those who is on the bottom". And most of people convinced that is no any exit from this "bottom".

But we are sure it's not so!

We are all God's children and all we are equal before Heavenly Father, and He loves all of us.

That is why we are sure that, in God's eyes we have equal value: as respectable and successful men so "lost" and "humiliated" people too.


For most needing

“The Right Way” started new service. We found a good possibility to give a material help with food for the poorest and needy people in our city: orphans, homeless children, most poor families of alcoholics and drug addicts.  We buy some foods and bring to orphanages, boarding-schools, poor families. We are sure this part of our work is very important too. Most of our people, whom we help, need as much spiritual help as material assistance, too. We thank our Lord and good will of our sponsors for the possibility of this service!







               Support for the state Center for handicapped babies 

Help for graduates of boarding schools.

"The Right Way" supports social project for young orphans in their social adaptation after their leave of special state boarding school: help whth housing, food, clothes, Christian education. 



Opalko’s family
Sergei and Olena Opalko was married in 2007. They are christians both. In 2008 was born their son Sergei. But child was born with a serious disease of the brain. In 2009 they knew terrible news: their far relatives (couples) were killed in an accident. It happened because of the own regular drunkenness. As a result, 4 their children became orphans at one moment. The close relatives separated children and took at own families. But new parents had the same problem like real, lost parents: alcoholic addiction. So children was taken to the state orphanage.
When Sergei and Olena knew this news, they decided to adopt all 4 children to own family (despite of their distant cognation and big problem with health of own son).
Of course, now this big family has a lot of needs:
in treatment and providing of children (some of them got different physical and psychological traumas during their staying in alcoholic families and state orphanage);
in a bigger flat (now all of them live in one room-19 sq.m.!!!);
in financial help for providing of food, clothes and many other necessary things.

Opalko family
Opalko family



Rural many children families
We know a lot of rural families, who have a many children and who lives in terrible material conditions. The main reason is in the very low life level of Ukrainian villiages. The high level of unemployment is very typical for rural area now. Also most of rural people has no good possibilities for organization of cost-effective farms. It requires of investments.
As a result, most part of masculine population looks for the job in the cities or abroad. But most of those, who stayed in the native places, has a big problems with alcohol.
Our foundation tries to help for most needing such families, especially for those, who has many children. We have a lot of such families in our rural area.

Our help for villiage many children family
Our help for villiage many children family
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