About us Responses Stanislav, 22 y.o.
Stanislav, 22 y.o.
     My parents divorced when I was eight years old. Mother grew me alone; father helped us just a little. At school I wasn’t a good pupil, most of my time I spent out side with my friends hanging on the streets. Nobody out of our company even noticed how we got on drugs. At the beginning we drunk beer, then vodka, smoked weed, and then got on to drugs. Three of my friends tried drugs first, and the rest of us were tempted to do so.


I dint want to differ from others so I tried too. As the time went be drugs were the best thing for us to be carry with. We didn’t need the alcohol because we could take drugs and for the rest of the day could hangout. Graduating the school I didn’t go to university, and I didn’t work either. I simply was hanging out and having fun with friends. I was in need of money constantly, and I asked for them mother and dad at the same time. But it still wasn’t enough. I was in addiction of drugs, but even then I was sure that ill be able to quit any given day. I began stealing money from dad. When he found that out I was kicked out and I had to return to live with my mother. Mother’s salary wasn’t too high and she couldn’t provide me with money I needed. I stole and sold lots of things from the house. If my mother would deny me of giving money I would make a huge scandal and even threatened her. Mother had to borrow money from the neighbors, for me to settle down and get some drugs. At the very same time I still didn’t consider me being an addict. Mother was in huge debts and in despair, father didn’t care about me, and I didn’t care much either. Mother under the promise of giving me some money made me going to the charity fund of The Right Way. There I consulted the psychologist, talked to the guys from the group of the anonymous addicts. Nothing much changed in me; I got back home, received promised money and had another shot. But sometimes later something changed deep in my heart. Appeared those thought of me living a bad life, going in a wrong way. I took a look of myself in a mirror, out of it at me looked a skinny, tired man without two teeth. I realized that I was in a pit, and I couldn’t get out of it. Somehow I got closer with the guys from the group. I visited the fund more often. I had to confess before myself that I was an addict. I realized that I was on the edge between the life and death. The only choice I had to have a life was to go to God call upon His name and receive help and salvation from Him. And I did call on His name. But I am still not sure what will happen to me next, but I do have hope in my future.

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