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Alexander, 22 y.o.
I was born into a rich family. My father is a businessman, my mother-housewife, and I also have a younger sister. We have big country house, two cars. Since early childhood I was confident in myself, well build. I could always to stand up for myself. First time I tried drugs as a teenager. It was cool and it made me feel as a grown person, independent and liberate. I always had enough money for marihuana and I easily could provide with it 3 or 4 of my friends. Later I had a great desire to take something more powerful.  I tried ecstasy, LSD, speed. But once one of my “friends” offered me to try homemade opium. It was to my liking. Some period of time I was taken all kinds of drugs without system. But then I realized, that I could live no longer without drugs. I felt discomfort, anxious, pain in joints, so I realized, that I was on needle. I started to steal money from my father to buy the doze for myself and friends. But soon my father found out that I was stealing money from him. I told him all truth. I gave him a word, that I would never take any drugs again. Father consulted a doctor for me. He gave me some medicine to take off the pain. After that, during two months I was under the strict control of my parents. I wasn’t allowed to leave the house. But even then I was waited proper moment, when my parents loosen control, and I’ll able to take drugs again. And that time finally had come. As soon as control was loosed I stole little of money, bought some beer, and called my friend to bring my normal doze. At last I used drug and felt relaxation. We drunk beer and went out for a walk. After that I felt asleep and saw a dream. I was naked, sitting in open space, among the stars, on huge wages. I understood that somebody was taking a weigh of my soul. Then out of darkness appeared grey amorphous face, consisted of smoke without the eyes. Then terrified voice said loudly: “You are mine!” Then I found myself in a reanimation of our city hospital. I was told that I was in a clinical death. When I recovered and left the hospital I consulted the psychologist of fund “The right way”. I attended the group of Anonymous drug addicts. With the help of communication with them, I realized that my dream-vision was a reflection of my real life. I fully belonged to drugs, was in it’s control. I was on a grave line. Realization of my condition gave me strength to resist the addiction and to turn on the right way of healing. I understood, that I don’t have to be alone. When I’m down, I’m calling somebody from fund, communication with them and with their help. I’m getting rid of inside tension. Now I’m in business with my father. I do have my own income. Now I’m confident that I’m living normal and free of addiction life.
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