Our activity.

1. Work with gropes of Anonymous alcoholics and addicts (12-steps system).
2. Individual counseling for people who has different types of addiction (and for their parents) in the office of “The Right Way”
3. Phone line for anonymous counseling for peoples with addiction problem and for their relatives and friends.
4. Taking part in different city youth actions against drugs and for healthy life style.
5.  Preventive work among young people in schools, boarding-schools, colleges, institutes-lessons, lectures, training about addiction problem and consequences of it. 
6. Medical treatment, spiritual rehabilitation and social adaptation for addicted people in stationary conditions in Rehabilitation Center out of the city (we plan to start this direction from 2009). 
7. Pastoral service among addicted people and their families in the city
8. Charity help for most poor addicted people, their families, orphanages, boarding-schools (food, clothes etc.)

Лечение наркомании и реабилитация наркоманов  в центре

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