Activity Events

 Visit of Dutch youth
Delegation of youth from Dutch Reformed Church visited our Rehabilitation Center this August. It was a  young people who also took part in collecting funds for building of our new Center for addicted people. During this visit they  looked our new building, heard about “The Right Way” work and was informed about addiction problem in Ukraine at all.  


Visit of Dutch youth



2010 International Conference in Sioux Falls.

The Luke Society’s fifth International Conference was held in Sioux Falls on the weekend of June 18-20. Luke Society directors from 27 ministries around the world came to Sioux Falls to meet together and to share with supporters from all over the USA what God is doing through their ministries.
The International Conference was preceded by a week-long Director’s Conference. During this week several topics such as “Prioritizing the Ministry” and “Maintaining the Vision” were presented by Luke Society staff and regional coordinators. Some directors were selected to sit on a panel to discuss specific issues that are common to all the ministries. They were able to learn from one another and share ideas.
For Luke Society supporters who attended, it was an opportunity to meet the directors face to face. Each director shared about his ministry in a workshop setting where attendees could learn in detail about the ministry and ask questions. Each ministry also had a display table where attendees could visit and learn more about their ministries.


Discussing in East Europe group
General Sunday morning service
Luke Society International Conference
Talent night (national cultural presentations)
with Mexican friends
with PMT's friends
News from preventive work
Our employee Irina Mukomelets  (who is responsible for our preventive program in schools) gained the first place in allukrainian competition “The teacher of the year with preventive work in schools”.
There was a nice news, which shown us good evaluation of our work from the state side.
Kitchen for Rehabilitation Center
Our friends from Kiev Lions Club International and Metro Cash&Carry Ukraine could provide our Rehabilitation Center with a first-class technical equipment for our kithen, washing-machine, boiler for heating.
This help was really very necessary and important for the start of the work of our Center.
So in the name of our foundation, we are very thankful for that gift to our sponsors.
Marjon Calls (Lions Club) and Sergeyl Kosenko (Metro) looking the brand new kitchen
For a good memory with Marjon Calls (Lions Club), Marlies Colijn (our Board member) and some persons from our staff


We organized special seminar-training together with our Moscow colleagues from “Vstan!” foundation (Nina Belakova and Loginiva Natalia). As a result, there was creation of the new psycho-therapy anonymous group, which took 12-steps Christian model as basis.
The main topic of the seminar- learning of all aspects of the reason of addiction problem: physiological, psychological, social, spiritual. And the way of treatment and rehabilitation for people with that illness.
The unicity of this seminar and proposed solution of the problem was in combination of the scientific way (complex of systematic methods: 12-steps system) and spiritual view (Biblical way) in patient’s treatment.
There were present different people from Rivne: psychologists, medical doctors,
students, businessmen, addicted people, co-addicted, school teachers.
Most of them never hear about 12-steps model for own healing, solution of lot of
different problems, changing of itself and personal spiritual growth.
Many of them never have a problems with alcogol or drugs.
But after seminar most of them realized that they need this healing too.
Now we can say that seminar was really blessed. We used there Christian way for healing in 12-steps model. People liked just that way very much!
So it was really nice possibility for evangelisation.


After seminar 


Conference “Christian doctor in 21-th century”

Our employees took part in 5-th Russian-German conference “Christian doctor in 21-th century”, which was organized in St.-Petersburg, Russia, 04-06.06.2009.

The main topics of conference were following:
  • Evangelization in the postmodern period
  • Gene-engineering methods in medical and cellular technologies
  • “The salt of earth”: the place of believer physician
  • Psychotherapy and pastoral care
  • Evangelization and care for addicted
  • Ethics problem in modern world (abortions, transplantation, euthanasia)
  • Actual questions of HIV-infection
  • Alternative medicine
  • Help in oncology
  • Hospice at home
  • Care and rehabilitation for addicted. Preventive work among young people
  • Others
Conference organizers:
  • Mission “Christians serve for patients”
  • Social department of Russian Union of Evangelical Baptist Christians
  • Central Church of Evangelical Baptist Christians of St.-Petersburg
  • Regional public organization “Union of Christians-physicians”
  • Medical-preventive organization “Christian association of physicians”
“The Right Way” is very thankful to all organizers, who gave us possibility to be present in the conference. As a result our employees got many interesting and useful information for our own work and ministry.


Internship in Netherlands (Fall, 2008)
Korsunsky Vitaly (fund director) and Kolbach Oleg (doctor-psychiatrist) got a nice possibility for internship in most biggest and well-known Christian Rehabilitation Center in Netherlands: “De Hoop” foundation.
There where very useful and practical two weeks before opening own Center in Ukraine.
Joop Lenting (DVN coordinator for Eastern Europe) and Sjaak Monster (international coordinator in De Hoop) could provide very interesting and intensive program during that time.
Due to it we could knew structure of the Center, work of all departments, history and philosophy of the work; met with many people from the staff and got a l ot of very valuable information and practical knowledge.
We are sure that it will be really useful when our Ukrainian Center will be open here.
Also we had a good possibility to visit many Church people and some our brotherly Churches in Netherlands, who knows, helps us and prays for our work long time. Arjen Tompkins (Church treasurer) organized for us this meetings, where we could tell about our TRW activity and to thank local people for their support.

Dutch friends

Dutch friends

“Luke Society” visit (Spring - Fall, 2008)
Our friends from American Christian medical organization viisted us twice in this year. This organization supported us and continue to support in realization of our project with creation of Christian Rehabilitation Center (Clinic) in Rivne city.
Our American friends help us also with constant prayer support. This support is very important for us. We are very thankful for that too.

Our American brothers in “The Right Way” office a guests at our Board member

Visit to Switzerland (May - June, 2008)
This year two our eployees (together with local Reformed pastors) visited our friends from Reformed Church in Switzerland. The reception was very cordial and hospitable. As a result, “The Protestant Reformed Foundation” decided to help us partly in realization of our project with building of our future Rehabilitation Center.
So we are very gratitude for that help.

With our Swiss friends


New Board member
This year we took one more Board member for “The Right Way”. Our activity increases constantly!
So we need in more numbers of people, who will be work for our organization. The Board has a regular meetings, controls all main fund process and decisions.
Tanja Kravchuk became the third Board’s member this year. She is nurse in the local state children orphanage and a active member in Rivne Reformed Church.
Also we’d like to thank our “old” Board members: Marlies Kolijn (Dutch missioner from Kiev) and Wasily Pilipenko (Reformed pastor). This people started to work for “The Right Way” from the very beginning and continue to do it 5 years already! They did a huge numbers of very valuable work for support and development of our foundation.
We are really thankful for that care and support.

Board meeting Our new Board member works in city orphanage (second from right)

6. Prayer group
All team of “The Right Way” started new service. We organized regular prayer group (all our employees and local pastor) for all missions and people, who knows us and helps us. We meet once a month and pray for all missions and Churches, which we know and which knows us. We are really very happy, that our Lord gives us this nice opportunity to do it!
This way we can help our brothers and sisters in all world in their services and to feel ourselves like united and friendly family in the Lord. It connects us closely to each other and gives us possibility to understand each other more.
So “The Right Way” in Ukraine prays for all of you constantly!


Action devoted for the victims of AIDS (June, 2006)

“The Right Way” takes part in city action devoted for the victims of AIDS

The problem of HIV/AIDS is very actual in Ukraine now. The government recognized the problem of AIDS achieved the epidemic level. There were registered 440 HIV-infected people and 40 with AIDS officially only in Rivne (300,000 population total).

This is only official data. But most of analytics confirm that HIV/AIDS-infected people are 7-10 times higher in Rivne! So united group of social organizations (“The Right Way” too) organized the city action “Youth is against of a spread of drug addiction and HIV/AIDS. We are for the healthy life style”. Special information booklets were distributed, some youth competitions were organized. Also some youth music, dancing and sport groups took part in action. The purpose of this action was to show other ways for spending of free time as an alternative of drugs. We tried to show all advantages of the healthy life style and to give more information about HIV/AIDS for young people. One of our purpose was also to show the unity all social organizations in struggle with drug addiction and HIV/AIDS.


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