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Dear brothers and sisters!
     Now we got a real possibility to start the main project of “The Right Way” and to realize our main purpose, which we planned from the beginning of our activity. It’s just creation of the Christian Rehabilitation Center (clinic) for addicted people in Rivne. We prayed for this project 4 years and our lord gives a real possibility to do it now! This Center will be unique in it’s way not only in our region, but in Ukraine too.  Press next link with building photos.

The unicity of our Center will be in combination of three ways of patient’s treatment:
     1. Medical treatment-using of medications and special scientific methods for stopping of physical addiction.
     2. Spiritual rehabilitation-Christian way for change of thinking, world view, life and spiritual system values.
     3. Social adaptation-return of the patients to normal social life. For example, to teach to work, to help find a job after rehabilitation etc. We took this combination from the working experience of “De Hoop” foundation in Netherlands, which work with addiction problem many years. In our view just this method is most effective and provides most percent of healing people. Unfortunately, this method does not take place or is used at low level in our country. Some of Ukrainian Centers (Clinics) uses only medical treatment without of any spiritual basis. Another uses religious way exceptionally without of any medicine. We are sure both of these methods should be used in combination together (including social adaptation too!). So we plan to organize the Center, which will be uses all these directions in combination. We started the building of our Center this autumn. At this moment we finished the foundation. We plan to start to build of the main part of our Center in the beginning of spring.

     1. About us
     The charity fund “The Right Way” was officially organized in July 2004. But our team started work in 2003 as a group of specialists in different directions of our project. Peoples in our team are different: psychologists, psychiatrist, teacher of Christian ethic, former drug addict, social worker, pastor. But one thing unites all of us-strong desire to help people and to serve for God. Every day we see many peoples, who run into troubles and suffer because of this very much. They suffer because of drugs, alcohol and other harmful things. But mainly, they suffer because nobody can help them. People, who have a big problems with addiction, convinced that our society is indifferent to their problems in most cases. This indifference transforms in real condemnation very often. That is why many addicts and their families lost any hope for healing and returning to normal life. Also we noticed that addiction problem increases in our country year by year more and more. That is why we have two main tasks: 1. Physical, psychological, spiritual, social help and rehabilitation for people who got in different types of addiction-drug addiction, alcoholism and others. 2. Preventive lessons, lectures and training among young people in schools, boarding-schools, colleges and institutes about all truth which connects with tobacco, alcohol, drugs, HIV/AIDS.

    2. Our identity
    “The Right Way” is organization, which confesses Christian philosophy and values. So we try to build all our life and work on Biblical bases and Evangelical principles only. All our team is people, who confesses Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior and belongs to different Christian Churches. All of us convinced that only God can have an influence on our life really. He is real Master and Lord all of us. That is why He has only a real power to change people’s hearts and to heal people’s sins and diseases. We can be only performers of His will. We can help people in proportion as He calls us and blesses us in our deeds. So we trust the Lord in all our work absolutely. We pray about His blessing for our service every day. Also we try to do all possible activity, which God called us in our life.

     3. Purpose
     Spiritual, psychological, physical and social rehabilitation for people with different types of addiction-alcohol, drug addiction and other. Propaganda of a healthy life style and Christian values instead of using different harmful substances. We are sure that any type of addiction is spiritual illness. The main root of this illness is people’s “spiritual emptiness”. Some people try to fill this emptiness with something, which give temporary relief and help go away from the real world. But it does not help to solve the main problem. The leaving of reality is illusion only. Moreover this “leaving” brings more grief and sufferings then before. Our main purpose is to help to understand for people that only God can fill their “spiritual emptiness”. Only Holy Spirit can do it. Only life with Jesus can give for people true happiness as now so in the Eternal Life.

     4. Directions of the work
    Physical rehabilitation
    Psychological (spiritual) rehabilitation
    Preventive measure
    Working therapy
    Social work ( returning of a patients to normal social life: for example, help in search of job etc.)

    5. Staff
    Medical doctor
    The staff will be expand only in process of development of the Center ( numbers of patients and working conditions)

6. The structure of the Center
Counseling department (in the city)
Physical rehabilitation department
Spiritual and social rehabilitation department (on Christian basis)
Work therapy

7. Reception and staying in the Center
Medical tests about different infection diseases: hepatitis, HIV/AIDS etc.
Police confirmation about the absence of present problems with police.
Written confirmation and agreement with all rules and orders in the Center.
Contract signing.

8. Social work with patients
A help for returning to normal social life. To train to work. Renewal a lost and getting a new professional skills. A help in search of job.
Also we plan to attract some of patients to work in the Center in a future as employees and volunteers.

9. Work methods
12-steps system on Christian basis
Psychotherapy groups (group therapy)
Physical rehabilitation
Work therapy
Pastoral work

10. Numbers of patients and terms of staying in the Center
From 5 till 40 patients maximum. The development and growth of the Center will be influence on it.
Term of staying: 1-12 months.

11. Advertisement
Special guides, local medical institutions, the press, radio, TV, web. site, by preventive work in local educational institutions, among addicted people and their relatives.

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