Preventive measure
Понеділок, 24 листопада 2008, 22:17

Preventive measure
In 2005 our two employees worked with lectures, lessons and trainings in Rivne schools, colleges, institutes, boarding-schools and orphanages, summer camps about tobacco, alcohol, drugs, HIV/AIDS, Bible lessons (in orphanages). Also was organized seminars for state teachers, took part in city actions. Total for 2005:

• Lectures-485
• Bible lessons-235
• Individual consultations for children-280 It means for 2005 we could take in 24 organizations and 4487 listeners. The main questions, which young people asked us:
• How is possible to get over of the negative influence from surrounding people?
• How I can stop using easy drugs?
• I was raped. How I can overcome of the guilt feeling?
• At what kind of age I can have sex?
• I’m girl. I’m 15 and still virgin. My friends make fun of me. What I can do?
• My friends proposed to try hard drug. I did it. How I can avoid it next time and stay good relations with my friends.
• How stop smoking?
• My parents with a friends smoke in the flat. How I can protect my rights?
• I’m HIV-infected. How I can live further? The main problems in the work with young people:
• The loss of the moral values and faith in God among youth.
• The lack of the living purposes.


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